T6 – Wireless Open-Close Detector – Ezviz

Triggering alarm by movement, easy to installation.

T6 – Wireless Open-Close Detector can be installed on unfixed object, it will trigger alarm immediately when object was moved.

Adopt individual design, various application scenarios

T6 can be installed on drawer, door, window and strongbox, endless possible usage.

T6 can be used on medicine chest to ensure elder take the medicine on time.

When you install T6 – Wireless Open-Close Detector on the medicine chest, you can name T6 via APP such as “Mother’s medicine chest”, if you don’t receive any notification from T6, it means medicine chest never opened so you can remind you mother.

Built-in battery, support up to 4-5 months usage after one time charging.

Standard 5V USB charging interface, more easy to use.

Specification Model CS-T6-A
Name Wireless Open-Close Detector
Carrier Frequency 433MHz or 868 MHz
Power Consumption ≤ 10dBm
Trigger Angle >3°
Other Charging Voltage 5V
Battery Life 3 Months
Battery Capacity 450mAh/1.66Wh
Charging Humidity 0%~40%
Working Temperature -10℃ ~55℃ (14°F~131°F)
Working Humidity 10%~90%
Dimension 83×30×12mm
Weight 30g